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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Still December

It is still December and yet Christmas is over. However, I have been too lazy to remove one bulb from the tree or wrap up one decorational item. Wow.......the older I get the less joy the days after Christmas bring. No more playing with new toys or driving my parents crazy as they cleaned.....I have become the cleaner and the one picking up all the dropped toys as one after one they are used and discarded to the side for the next toy. 3's are so weird....one toy one second and another the next. Never settling on one for long. All the while I have cooked and cleaned. I am helping with a lunch before a memorial service for a member of our church. Her brother passed away yesterday morning. Sad and melancholy tradgedy during a joyful season. So cook I have done......as my way to help them grieve. Food...a warm comfort for sadness. I will set up and serve the family before the service.

Comment of the Day: Love all those around you as long and as hard as you can for their time is short and you may regret not loving someone who needed you to the most.

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