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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just Rambling...Because I Can!!!

Well, today I took my 18 yr old and my grandson shopping for groceries. Yeah.......she doesn't have a job and lives with friends. She got her lip pierced and has about 7 piercings in each ear. She decided since her other sisters haven't damaged me for life that she is now unsure of who my grandson's father is. Actually...she said" I ain't sure if guy #1 or guy #2 is my baby daddy". I was paralyzed. My sweet, cute , smart little girl had turned into this pierced, tatooed, redneck woman. Weird. Oh well, gotta love your kids. The irony almost strikes me as funny and I let out a snicker. She is appalled I would snicker and I am appalled she doesn't know who her baby daddy be. (note the sarcasm). Then, I come home to my 15 yr old who was sexting two guys a couple days ago, my son bashing his ex on Facebook, and my 3 yr old telling me she demands candy. Weird.....I didn't scream. I simply took the 15 yr olds phone......yet again, unfortunantly her dad gave it back, told my son to not be such a monkey butt and gave my 3 yr old a candy cane. Then I went outside......alone. I later made my son start me a bonfire, dressed the toddler and took her outside. Gave the toddler some marshmallows and enjoyed the fire and the peace. At least for 20 minutes.... Now I am making campouts for toddler in her room, supervising phone time, and waiting for husband to go to work.....so I can end this day!!!!

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