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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A New Day

Feeling better today. Sinuses just kill me this time of year. Plus, I have probably been doing too much. I made a cake from scratch.......tastes more like a pancake and my buttercream frosting turned into chocolate glaze. I don't think I let the sugar and water boil long enough. I tried to do professional buttercream.......oh well I'll try again. Good new is that my kids have been eating it for breakfast....odd. But it does taste like a pancake. At least it is not going to waste. I think I misread some instructions when substituting cake flour and using all-purpose instead. Hmmmmmmm. My bad. I also made buttermilk buscuits.....wow was that interesting. Three recipes later, I found a winner....Alton Brown's on Food Network. They came out just like my grandma's. And I made peanutbutter cookies...with the fork imprint. Turned out soft and golden. Husband is eating them like crazy.....and he is picky. He says I am getting better with every try. When we first got married I couldn't cook much besides fried chicken and couldn't make a thing from scratch. My mother was not a cook....she would burn toast. Seriously. It was sad. Luckily, I did not inherit her inability to cook. The more I try and play around with recipes the better I get. I use cookbooks and substitute and change recipes to suit my family. With breads....I follow a recipe exactly!!! I am still learning breads and rolls. Long and painful process, but the end results are worth it!! I shall bake some more and do some more activities to share with the blogging world. Check back soon!!

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