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Thursday, November 10, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Heaven Is For Real

I got this book Heaven is for Real from booksneeze to review. I read this book in about 1 1/2 hrs. The book is written by the father Todd Burpo with help from Colton. Colton was almost four when he had a bursted appendix that poisoned his little body for 5 days. This little boy went to Heaven!! He seen Jesus!! This book is so amazing and touching. At first, I was like yeah whatever. After reading it, I am like WOW!!! Some of the things this little boy says could only come from someone who has been there. I believe this child went to Heaven. I was in awe to hear details of Jesus and God and how they looked. His candid comments about other people he seen in Heaven and the things he witnessed, made me believe everything this child says he saw. His child like descriptions are so heart warming. It was so nice to read about the faith of this family and the belief these parents had in their son. I appreciate that the father tried not to ask leading questions and actually quoted the boy. It was an awesome read and I can't wait to share this in my Sunday school class. Give it a chance....read it.....you will be awestruck!!!