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Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Vacation

Two of my children who are teens go to public school.....note: this is for their as well as my safety(seriously). Today they get out half a day for Christmas break.Yah!(sarcasticly done). So in order to keep them busy(and out of trouble) I have only slept four hours so I can get things ready at home. I have made applesauce cinnamon ornaments for them to ribbon and decorate, I am making salt dough ornaments for them to decorate to give as gifts to relatives, and I have some other gift projects for them to do. We will also make and decorate cookies and cakes. Being teens, they are not so thrilled by this.....I however relish the opportunity to bestow the torture of doing crafts with mom and baby sister(who is 3). Paybacks!!!! No I am not above getting them back, especially my girls. However, I do hope it will be fun and a way to bond and chat as well. I am making them make gifts to show them the joy in giving and the pride you get from having made the gift yourself. (Not sure it will work). Kids nowdays are spoiled by technology and they don't know how to give or enjoy the simple things. Mine still laugh at the idea of cassette tapes and VHS. And they would just die if they didn't have a cell phone or mp3 player. This year, I am making a point........small useful presents that I paid up front for not on credit, newish things bought at thrift stores, yard sales, and at my Curriculum Share group, homemade items, lots of baking and family time, bonfire nights, and some old fashioned hanging out at home. I am done with my Christmas shopping and have groceries to last till after Christmas. I may have to go to town one more time for milk....hope not.Our tree is small this year and money is short, but I am home where my children need me. And....where my husband needs me. Being home has advantages not only for my kids but my spouse as well......he hunts, fishes, and stuff. He couldn't do all that if I were working too as we have a 3 year old. Plus he gets a home cooked meal and clean laundry. He likes knowing I am here for the kids.....mainly the big girls and their drama. It has been a year of major change for us, but it has been for the better. We thank God everyday for all the blessings and support we have recieved. I will post pics of their crafts as we finish them!! Over and out

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  1. Sounds like a fun filled vacation to me! Of course I am the crafty type so crafts excite me :)