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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fresh Start

Well, I have decided I need to blog more. Something for me. I need to get some followers and start doing reviews and such. I think it would help me gain some self worth. So, I am going to start blogging on our homeschooling, co-op, cooking, and anything else I can think of.

Quick run through about me and homeschooling. I am a mother to 5 kids and grandma to 3 grandsons. I am down to my 5 yr old daughter at home. She her name is K, but dad calls her boogerhead ( you will need to know this in future posts). So boogerhead and I started homeschooling way too early. I collected curriculum like a true addict......seriously it was a sad time. I have changed curriculum a dozen times, have fretted on the injustice I am doing my baby, and now Ihave slowly and painfully come to the conclusion we are eclectic schoolers. Meaning we are relaxed and pull from here and there. Some days school is just life. She has learned things I haven't even taught her.

More about me: I want to be an organic, all natural homemaker, who makes everything herself like I see on all these frugal homemaker blogs. FYI...not gonna happen. I have found I am too lazy to make my own soap or laundry detergent. I also can not can to save my life. Also, my hubby would rather die than eat a strict vegetarian diet...the man likes his meat. I do try to make healthier meals and boogerhead and I eat lots of veggies and fruits. We also cook alot from scratch. Also, we don't eat ground beef. We use venison, chicken, ground turkey, and fish. So, other than frying some good ol' southern fried chicken, we do eat leaner meats and healthier meals.

Come by tomorrow to see how our Pumpkin cooking adventure went. Since, we don't do Halloween, we did a small unit study on pumpkins and picked a few recipes to try. Boogerhead will be making pumpkin cookies tomorrow so be sure to come back to see the end result!!


  1. Boogerhead, I like it! :) You and K are too cute!

  2. Hello and welcome to blogging! Can't wait to get to know you! I'm also a homeschooling mom to 5, but we are several years behind you still. :) Thanks for joining up at the group and I'll look forward to reading!

  3. I love your blog already! I can't wait to read more of your posts.