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Monday, October 22, 2012

Cooking with Boogerhead

So.....we or I should say boogerhead, finished making cookies. And other than me putting them in the oven, and removing them from said oven, she did it entirely on her own. As proof I will tell you there are a few spots of unstirred flour bits in a few cookies. She was so proud of herself. However, she kept wanting to eat the dough. Silly boogerhead!

This is her first ever attempt at making ANYTHING!!!!
She had a little trouble with spacing them apart, but she did GREAT!
Finished product
They are very soft and taste like pumpkin oatmeal. But, they are yummy. We got the recipe off of Allrecipes (pumpkin cookies I). They are where I also got the recipe on how to cook the pumpkin to make puree with. I have several more cups to go. We may even try some pumpkin pancakes.
All in all it was a great learning experience for ME...yes me. I learned with very little help boogerhead can cook and rather enjoys it. Before her I NEVER let any of the other 4 kids touch the stove before they were teens. One still has never cooked and she's married! I learned that school is what I make it.She has learned alot about pumpkins and cooking, some math, internet use, and how to follow directions. I can't wait for the GERMS!!!!!
Check back tomorrow for boogerhead's adventure with germs.

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