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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chobani Greek Yogurt Review

This is what I received UPS last week!!! Boogerhead was super excited to review Chobani.
First, let me educate you on greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is strained so the liquid whey is removed. With the whey gone it takes on a thicker,cheesier texture. It takes 4c. of milk to make 1c., whereas regular yogurt only takes 1c. of milk to make 1c. of yogurt. This does give greek yogurt more protein than it's opposite.

We have been eating them all week. I really like the texture of the greek yogurt. Boogerhead likes all the flavors. I've never been one for the soupy yogurts. I love that Chobani is thick and creamy. I also love that you can get some interesting flavors. They have pomegranate, mango, pineapple, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, strawberry-banana,and even apple cinnamon. Boogerhead's favorite was raspberry.
Now, to the bad part. My husband had the strawberry-banana,which is his favorite flavor. Not so with Chobani. He liked the texture, but said it tasted nothing like strawberries or bananas. I loved all the flavors but one. The apple cinnamon. Not a particularly tasty combination in yogurt . With that said, all in all, Chobani is some delicious greek yogurt. It has a nice thick, creamy texture and amazing flavors.
And as you can see, Boogerhead gave it a thumbs up!
For more info about Chobani and their greek yogurt, visit their website.

Disclaimer: Chobani provided me with the product to review. However, I was not paid to give any review and all opinions are my own. My opinions may differ from yours.


  1. YUMMY! We are BIG Greek Yogurt fans in this house! It's the only kind I buy!

  2. I have tried these before and I didn't really like it BUT my kids did! So, I buy them for my girls!

  3. I love Chobani! I eat it every single day. Great review and I love the pictures!

  4. chobani is so good! I'm jealous!

  5. This is the first Greek yogurt I had ever tried, and now that I have tried others, it remains my favorite!

  6. Best yogurt EVER! The Mango is my favorite.