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Friday, November 9, 2012

Boogerhead's Comments

Ok. So Boogerhead has been helping with reviews and stuff. She is my product model as well. So , I am pitching companies last night and she decides she should get to pick some. Yeah.....she made me pitch Stompeez and those Cuddleuppets. She wanted me to pitch American Girl Dolls, but I refused. The kid is getting good. She has also decided that any kid products we get in, she gets to do the review and I must type it up for her. I told her she had to start pitching on her own. She tells me"Just send them my picture and tell them the cute girl in the picture will be doing the review Mommy". If only it were that easy.
We do have some reviews coming up with Boogerhead as product model and one or two that will be mainly her words. So check back to see how well Boogerhead's new career goes! Don't forget to enter all the giveaways!!


  1. Ahahahahahaha!! That's great! Just tell them the cute girl in the picture will be doing it! Oh to have the mind of a child! :)