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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Book Review: From My Husbands View!!!

I was supposed to review Ascent from Darkness by Michael Leehan. However, my husband snagged the book first! He read the whole book in a 7 hour slot. Not, like my hubby at all. So my review is based on a man's view. The book is a true story of a Satanist who turned into God's Soldier! He found the book almost unbelievable in the beginning with the blood sacrifices and other violent behaviors. But, as the book went on he became more engrossed at the torment this man went through as he turned away from Satan. He had visions of demons all around him, loss jobs, his home, and almost himself. But he pulls through it all by leaning on God. He begged forgiveness from God and was saved from Hell. God's grace and this man's faith in his Savior, gave him back his life!! Now, he is a soldier for the Lord!! My husband was amazed and in awe of one man's journey from Hell to Salvation by the grace of our Lord! He does however, feel that with the content and violence in the book that it needs to be labeled for mature adults as some content is very disturbing. That said, he gives it a high 4 star. He would give it a five if it addressed the content and maturity level of the book so parents were aware before allowing their teens to read it.

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