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Sunday, August 28, 2011

To Review or Not to Review.........

Ok. I am supposed to be reviewing this book entitled "Our Last Great Hope" by Ronnie Floyd. Problem is I am not getting into it at all. The concept is great. Go and spread the Good News around the world; to all the places where God and his son are unknown. Mr. Floyd writes with passion about his God and the message that must be shared. However, for me it is the same thing I have read before, and heard about at church......GO!! Make Disciples!! I get it, but somehow I am not getting it. I understand the author's urgent need to share the Good News with every person he possibly can, his need to make the rest of us as passionate as he, and his desire to obey God. But, in a book? Not working for me. Our churches and our people are failing The Great Commission. The author pushes you to see and realize what we must do as Christians if we are to be good and faithful servants, but without a severe push by our own churches and congregations, I feel we will fail. We read books, they move us, but once they are shelved we forget. I just don't feel moved by this book. All in all it is a good book, and I am sure for some it will be moving; for me however it was the same old thing and rather dry.

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